Wine storage Tips

In advance:

To store good wine (also called laying down wine) a dark place as well as a constant temperature is needed which is not too humid and not too dry. All wine can be stored around 12°C with a humidity level of between 60 and 75%.

Serving temperature:
To enjoy your wine at its best the serving temperature is very important (tip: serve the wine a little cooler as the wine will warm up slightly once it has been poured!). Of course the temperature also involves personal preferences so the following list is more of a guideline.

White wine should be refreshing and therefore should normally be served chilled. But chilling can also mask the taste and the bouquet. So the finer the wine the less it should be chilled.
It is often advised to serve Red wine at ‘room temperature’ but this originates from the time when the average room temperature was 5°C lower than our modern-day room temperatures (so one generally serves red wine at 17°C). Actually one should examine the quantity of tannin in a wine to establish the correct serving temperature. The higher the level of tannin the higher the serving temperature should be. But be careful, if the wine is served at too high a temperature then it can lose its optimal taste (as more alcohol is released in the bouquet and taste).

Temperature (°C) Wines Examples
16-18 Powerful, concentrated, robust red wines + tannin-rich Bordeaux wines Bordeaux, Rioja , Chianti, Barolo.
15-17 Full-bodied wines Burgundy + rich Cotes du Rhones
14-16 Fresh, fruity, light and smooth red wines Bardolino, light Valpolicella, light Cotes du Rhones, Beaujolais, Vin de Pays
12-17 Alcohol fortified sweet red wines Porto, Rivesaltes, Rasteau, Madeira
12 Very full-bodied, complex dry white wines White Burgundy, Chateauneuf du Pape, Chardonnay from the New World.
10- 12 Full-bodied, aromatic and fruity white wines + rich sweet white wines + the better sparkling wine cuvees Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, Sancerres + Sauternes, Tokay, Eiswein + Champagne
9-12 Alcohol fortified sweet white wines + rose wines Muscat de Beaume de Venise, Samos Muscat, Moscatel
8- 10 Fresh, light, fruity and dry white wines + simple sparkling wines Light Champagnes, Prosecco, Cava, Cremant
8 Fruity and crisp white wines Muscadet, Manzanilla, Soave (light), Entre-Deux-Mers ….